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Multi tanent building


Applicants for presence in the multi-tenant building are technology or service companies in the field of aerospace and other related fields, which, depending on the attractiveness of the office and presence in the complex, rent the space under the above conditions. In addition to all the above benefits (savings in commons, security, subscriptions, administrative services, finance, accounting, insurance, etc.), these companies also have the advantage of reducing costs by outsourcing business to start-ups. Units can also use the facilities of equipped laboratories.

Complete the following file and replace the file name with your name along with the application period and send it in PDF or Word format through the installation application form. Register only once, only applications submitted through the site form will be considered. To settle in the center, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of participation in the "Workshop for familiarity with the rules of the growth center". For more information regarding registration in the workshop, please call 88127293