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Incubator Program

Applicants for this course have an independent legal identity and have a product produced, even if it is a sample. Applicants for this course usually need initial support to profit from their production and marketing and find a customer. During this period, the technology company is expected to become profitable and have the ability to survive independently. Also, the company is growing and has the necessary attractiveness for the full-time presence of all the founders. Have a well-codified marketing, sales, business plan. Also, during this period, obtain licenses, standards, as well as various degrees, including basic knowledge.

Complete the following file and replace the file name with your name along with the application period and send it in PDF or Word format through the installation application form. Register only once, only applications submitted through the site form will be considered. To settle in the center, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of participation in the "Workshop for familiarity with the rules of the growth center". For more information regarding registration in the workshop, please call 88127293