Aerospcae Technology Business Incubator Center

Aerospcae Technology Business Incubator Center has been operating since 2016, and in the last few years, with increasing efforts, it has been able to establish more than 20 companies in the field of aerospace and other specialties in its center. This center is trying to become a science and technology park by increasing the area of ​​operation. In one of the best parts of Tehran , by providing a technological environment and atmosphere, the aerospace Incubation center is ready to host innovators and owners of ideas and technology.

The Aerospace Technology Development Center has been established with the aim of supporting the ideas, innovators and technologists of the aerospace industry and the commercialization of new technologies related to this industry. Considering the inclusion of aerospace science as a set of superior technologies of all sciences with aerospace application, the field of application of the center's projects is very wide and includes from aviation and its propulsion to genetics, medicine and law. By having a space of 2500 square meters in the first phase in one of the best parts of Tehran and providing a variety of services to technology companies, this complex has prepared the ground for the growth of technology companies by creating a distinct environment and atmosphere. Providing services including production, prototyping, accounting, general, management registration and consulting, specialized marketing and commercialization, administrative services and secretarial services in the growth center, has a great impact on reducing the cost of companies. Also, the companies located in the Aerospace Technology Development Center enjoy special product sales privileges due to the center's extensive marketing services and contracts with relevant organizations.

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